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Ways to Get Resources

In VE, the buildings like the Hospital, College and Barracks are very important to upgrade your empire and expand your territory. We recommend you to upgrade these buildings as fast as possible, which means you will need more resources. Let's see how to get more resources!

Resources include Wood, Stone, Ore and Food, which are produced from certain places. For example, the Sawmill produces Wood, the Quarry produces Stone the Iron Mine produces Iron and the Farm produces Food.


1. Resources can be obtained by completing various quests, like Kingdom Quests, Alliance Quests, VIP Quests and others.


2. Explore the Kingdom map to find more resources.


3. Resources can also be plundered by occupying the enemy's city.


4. Upgrade the resource buildings to boost the resource production.


5. Participate in Events in the Event Center to obtain resources and rewards.


6. Resources can also be obtained by opening Kingdom Treasures.


7. After joining an alliance, you will be able to trade resources with its members. You can also receive Alliance Gifts.

8. The resources are on sale in the Item Store.