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Vampire Empire - Developer Feedback

Suggestion  #1     The Kill Enemies Event is too frequent.

A1: We will delay the opening time of the Kill Enemies Event and we will adjust the frequency of events.

Suggestion  #2 The font color of the battle report is not clear. A2: We have made some adjustments on the font color and will update it soon.

Suggestion  #3 Log in problem

A3: These login issues are related to the newly released browser from Google.We have fixed it and made some technical adjustments.

Suggestion  #4 Barbarian Camps are too few and sparsely distributed. It takes us too much time to march.

A4: We will increase the number of Barbarian Camps.There will be new gameplay in the Barbarian Camp soon.

Suggestion  #5 Can’t finish Green Equipment Quest in the King’s Road.

A5: This issue has been fixed.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Suggestion  #6 The winner of the Kingdom Clash should have great rewards.

A6: The winner of Kingdom Clash will receive great rewards.

Suggestion  #7 Will the system automatically clear the castles of inactive players

A7: We will remove inactive castles.

Suggestion  #8 Loading speed is too slow and the game is laggy. A8: We will optimize these issues as soon as possible in order to provide a better experience for players.

Suggestion  #9 It’s too simple for high-power players to attack low-power players, which is unfair to low-power players.

A9: We are considering increasing the restriction rules of Castle attack or reducing Wall Defense.

Suggestion  #10 Add more elements related to vampires.

A10: We will add more vampire elements. Stay tuned.

Suggestion  #11 The Leader should be able to send back the troops in Rally.

A11: We will consider it.

Suggestion  #12 I created a character before. What should I do if I want to start over in the new server?

A12: You can create multiple accounts. Before the Castle is level 6, you can teleport your Castle to other Kingdoms by using the Beginner's Teleport.

Suggestion  #13 The number of dead troops in the battle report is not true.

A13: The Barbarian Camp is like a battle simulation that allows players to practice how to fight. There will be less dead troops than shown in the battle report. 

If you attack another player’s Castle, the number of dead troops will be the same as shown in the battle report.

Suggestion  #14 We want new alliance quests and rewards that are helpful for alliance building.

A14: We are developing the relevant gameplay, stay tuned.

Suggestion  #15 I wish I could customize the avatar.

A15: We will consider it.

Suggestion  #16 I wish Gathering Speed and March Speed would be faster.

A16: We will consider it.

Suggestion  #17 The quest system should be divided into levels. A17: We are adjusting it. And we will set up quests according to the Castle level.

Suggestion  #18 I wish Teleport items could be more easily obtained. A18: Growth Fund Lv.5 will unlock random teleports. We will consider increasing the drop of teleport scrolls.

Suggestion  #19 I wish that VIP points could be more easily obtained.

A19: We will consider it.

Suggestion  #20 I want to deliver resources to other players without the recipient being online.

A20: Players can receive resources when they are offline.

Suggestion  #21 I wish that I could activate the second building queue without Hammer.

A21: We will optimize the Hammer drop.

Suggestion  #22 We suggest making an alliance system based on alliances.

A22: We encourage players to join an alliance voluntarily instead of forcing players to join an alliance through a system.

Suggestion  #23 We suggest combining ranking or daily events. A23: We are developing relevant gameplay, stay tuned.

Suggestion  #24 I wish I received special items after the Siege is successful.

A24: You are welcome to let us know which items would you prefer.

Suggestion  #25 I wish the output of Speed up items was increased. A25: You can get speed up items in the King’s Road.

Suggestion  #26 No gameplay for high-power players. I suggest adding new rally and occupation gameplays. 

A26: Players should spend time and send troops to occupy buildings. We are developing relevant gameplay, stay tuned.

Suggestion  #27 Resources gathering speed is too slow. 

A27: Building upgrade and Technology costs too many resources. We will consider optimizing it.

Suggestion  #28 We want a material system to make advanced materials.

A28: You can kill monsters to obtain low-level materials, and then synthesize high-level materials to forge stronger equipment.

Suggestion  #29 We want a friend system. The alliance chat room should be optimized.

A29: We are considering adding chat channels.

Suggestion  #30 There should be a new store in alliance for us to get items.

A30: We will consider it. You can exchange valuable items in the Alliance Store.