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Update Maintenance - Version 3.2 is coming!

Vampire Empire is going to release its update v3.2! Be ready for the new features and the coming rewards!

All servers will be offline for update maintenance at 09:00, 07/22/2020 (UTC+0), lasting for 1 hour. Please leave the game in advance to avoid any unnecessary losses. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Update Preview of v3.2

1. Four sets of added Castle Skins, respectively providing buffs on resources production, construction, troop training and technology research.

2. Optimization on the Newbie event King's Road. There will be a big reward - a whole equipment available in the Black Market exchange.

3. Limited-time equipment for a further boost. The materials of this equipment can be obtained from the limited-time bosses in the wild.

4. Other system optimization.