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How to Choose Troops

Vampire Empire introduces a fantasy world at the beginning of the 15th century. Between the 15th and 17th centuries, a war rages between the ravenous Catholic church, the corrupted Knights, the Muslim armies, the Vampires, the Werewolves, the other evil spirits while Count Dracula tries to create an empire. 


Vampire Empire is a strategy game filled with thrilling battles were you will have to outsmart your enemies.

You will find different kinds of troops in your kingdom: Infantry, Cavalry, Archers and Chariot. Each Troop has different characteristics and two evolution trees to choose from.



As a beginner, it is important to understand the importance of the Troops. You will need to concentrate your resources in your Troops. Improving them in a short time will make your kingdom stronger.

The best strategy is to have Infantry and Archer troops at first. Later, you will be able to have Cavalry and Chariot troops. In a war, you need to find the best combination of Troops to maximize your efficiency.



Two types of Infantry: Militia - Armor Infantry - Hired Swordsman - Pope Guard and Pikeman - Halberdier - Grave Watcher - Immortal.

Two types of Archer: Archer - Longbowman - Hunter - Evil Hunter and Crossbowman - Arbalester - Sultan Soldier - Battle Sister.

Two types of Cavalry: Horseman - Mamluk - Wing Cavalry - Headless Horseman (Melee) and Cavalry Archer - Mounted Crossbowmen - Black Knight - Vampire Knight (Ranged).

Two types of Chariot: Capped Ram - Armour Ram - Siege Tower - Fortress Ram (Siege) and Ballista - Carronade - Cannon - Osman Cannon (Throw Stones).



Why should beginners start with Infantry and Archer troops? Infantry is good at defense and Archer is good at attack, they are the best combination for the least resources. Cavalry is not good at defense, it will only be useful later. If your goal is to become powerful quickly at the beginning of the game, invest your resources in Infantry and Archer and you will be unstoppable.