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Guide on Troops

In Vampire Empire, there are four kinds of troops: Infantry, Archer, Cavalry and Siege. How to choose the best troop for each occasion? Here are some suggestions:



Before choosing s troop, we need to know each troop’s characteristics.

Infantry: High HP, high Defense, low Attack and normal food cost.

Archer: High Attack, low HP, low Defense and low food cost.

Cavalry: High Motility, high Attack, low HP and high food cost.

Siege: Used to Siege, low Motility, low Defense and high food cost.



If you have limited resources, the location of your troops will be very important. To obtain the max power with limited resources, Infantry and Archer is an ideal combination. 


This combination can cope with many different situations.

In Vampire Empire, Infantry and Archer can deal with most situations except for Sieges. The high attack of Archers can kill monsters easily and it’s speed can meet your demands resource gathering. They can handle Cavalry’s attack too. This combination is best for beginners.



This combination will reduce the cost and march time.

Compared to Cavalry and Siege, Infantry and Archer cost less food, which means using less resources. Also, this combination saves March and War time without Siege, which means the player has more time to develop their City.